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Ableton offers a useful solution to this problem. Freezing tracks is a great way to reduce stress on your computer's cpu.

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The freeze button allows you to capture a moment in a sound and endlessly repeat it.

Ableton live freeze track. Live meter 34%, task manager cpu meter 44% with spiking and a peak up at about 15% above this level. It’s that time of year when mother nature releases winter upon us and the holidays begin. In this project, i have lots of instruments and effects on this channel.

When you freeze a track, the track will appear greyed out. Just as a serving suggestion, it might be nice if it worked either by locking the clips themselves withinin a track (so that you could still add new clips to a track without changing any that are locked), but also offer the option to lock all of a track's clips relative to the set's start point (global 1.1.1.) so that nothing in the entire track can move anywhere. You can freeze an instrument track by selecting it and choosing freeze track from the edit menu or from the track's context menu (by right‑clicking), but some preparation can speed things up and make the results more useful.

Create audio track select frozen clip section copy to audio track switch on all fx select all fx copy those to the audio track make sure all track levels and sends etc are copied over. I have to go try the resample to another track route in real time to see if ableton can handle this. A single vocal may be using up 4 return tracks alone (dedicated reverb, delay, saturation, etc.).

El comando freeze track de live puede ayudar en gran manera a administrar la carga de cpu que producen las conguraciones de los dispositivos y los clips. You can only freeze tracks that hold clips. If it's an external midi track (being sent to a hardware sound module) then create an audio track and record the clip you would any audio.

So let's talk about track freeze and how it helps relieve cpu overload. Live will make reference audio files in your project’s folder both for session and arrangement view midi and audio clips. This prolongs my time to render significantly.

Ableton provides users with a maximum of 12 return tracks. Unfortunately, some projects require more than that. In ableton live you can freeze a track to render it to a new audio clip.

Included is a free ableton live project download. Many of the most popular music recording packages offer a 'freeze' function, allowing you to reduce the cpu overhead of tracks by bouncing them to audio in the background. Ableton allows you to work around this issue with the use of audio effect racks.

Freeze clips (rather than the entire track) i often freeze a track to render a single clip to audio. Cuando selecciona una pista y ejecuta el comando freeze track, live creará un archivo muestra para cada clip de session en la pista, junto con otro archivo para arrangement. Normally, freezing happens very quickly.

Audio effect racks allow you to create device chains. If your collaborator has the plugin they can unfreeze the track, and if they don't they'll be able to work with the track as audio. This can help save cpu is you’re running hungry plugins like serum with 16 voices on both oscillators.

It can be a great tool for making soundscapes and textures that can be used to build a track or add supportive tone As you can see, freeze tracks works When you freeze a track, all clips are frozen, and for a track with a lot of clips, that can take a while.

Ableton live has an extremely useful ‘freeze track’ feature that can greatly help manage the cpu load of your project or be used to quickly resample audio. In this video we look at the uses and applications for this function. Task manager cpu meter 16% and notice the way lower average cpu use with virtually no spikes.

Because the track is frozen and is now playing audio files rather than generating a sound real time,. So much so that i just create an audio track and resample. Freezing and flattening is an ableton live staple.

If live could do a 'freeze instrument only' option this would be less of a hassle, or even convert a midi track to an audio track (most of the time useless, i know) so that i could just duplicate the midi track and convert to audio so that at least i don't have to copy all fx and fix sends etc. As my set grows larger, there are more and more midi clips on a given track. Board index ableton forums music and audio production track freeze discussion of music production, audio, equipment and any related topics, either with or without ableton live

Here are some steps to take in order to try diagnose and prevent a live crash: If it's a software instrument, then you can use track freeze to freeze it. The dj podcast explains it all in this video:

So i've got exercise one from chapter seven open, and i'll just mention at the start here that the track freeze works in both arrangement view. Track freezing was added to live in version 6, vastly increasing the size of project you can work with on any given computer. To freeze a track simply right click on the track and click freeze.

Be aware that it is not possible to freeze a group track ; If you use multiple vst plugins and effects in ableton live, the cpu usage can quickly skyrocket. In this tutorial, dubspot’s rory pq explores many creative sound design possibilities using ableton live’s various freeze functions to create melodies, pads, risers, vocal effects, and buildups.

If it can, i guess it is a workaround but it still sucks to see that live can't handle a common freeze and flatten in the same manner other daws can.

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