Are French Fries Gluten Free Wendy's


Wendy’s offers allergen information on their website, including their french fries. Fries are made from potatoes.

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Fries are not listed on their gluten free menu.

Are french fries gluten free wendy's. French fries (ask about shared fryer) baconator fries (ask about shared fryer) salads: I included information from their corporate website for your information. Wendy's does not have a gluten free menu, but they do list wheat in their allergen guide online.

But you won’t find it on the wendy’s website. Known for their burgers, fries, frosties, and popular 4 for $4 options in the united states, many customers are wondering what kind of gluten free options wendy’s might have. However, it cannot be guaranteed that cross contamination hasn’t occurred with other meat products sold at the restaurant.

At this time, i we do not eat fries at the following locations. Basically what we’ve come to expect. But according to this list:

You might have read or been told you can’t eat french fries in restaurants because the fries are often times cooked in a fryer with battered fried foods that contain gluten. Wendy's pub fries contain gluten, milk, soy and wheat. It is best to ask the store manager if wendy’s fries are fried separately from food that contains gluten.

Wendy’s has a decent amount of options if you’re looking to avoid gluten. Wendy’s fries are cooked in vegetable oils, such as canola or sunflower oil, making them a great vegetarian option. Anyway, what this post is about is their french fries.

According to this list, french fries at wendy's are not on their gluten free list. Are wendy’s french fries vegetarian? Eat at your own risk, especially if you are sensitive to even trace amounts of gluten.

Some locations have dedicated fryers for fries, so please check with the employees each time you visit a location. They have a lot of different salads, baked potatoes, chili, and a few other things! Wendy's does not have a gluten free menu, but they do list wheat in their allergen guide online.

Wendy's pub fries does not contain egg, fish, peanuts, shellfish or tree nuts.* * please keep in mind that most fast food restaurants cannot guarantee that any product is free of allergens as they use shared equipment for prepping foods. The ingredients are safe, it will depend on if they use a dedicated fryer. I follow a specific celiac support group on facebook.

Wendy’s is one of the most popular fast food chains in the world with more than 6700 locations total. Though the website does say that because of the grill the burgers are cooked on, cross contamination may occur. The fries at wendy’s do not contain gluten themselves, but you should ask about their fryer situation if you’re sensitive to cross contamination.

No, wendy's® fries gluten free?® are not gluten free. And not just about whether they are gluten free or not, but about the risk celiacs are willing to take to eat certain foods. Ultimate grilled chicken fillet (without bun)

The actual fries do not include gluten. You could even enjoy a frosty for dessert. If they don’t know what you are talking about, chances are, the fries are not gluten free.

Some locations have dedicated fryers for fries, so please check with the employees each time you visit a location.

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